Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home Sweet Classroom: Curtains!

Let's face it. We, as teachers, practically LIVE in our classrooms. And so, if you're anything like me, your classroom has to be a little bit COZY. Right?

Well, as you can see, my classroom this year started out as anything BUT cozy.

A whole wall of windows? Yikes! Curtains, now! Plus, there's a large air conditioning unit in the corner of my classroom and it is LOUD when it's running. Some fabric might help absorb some of the sound from the A/C. Maybe. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

So... SEW... I began the search for some curtains. Knowing that I couldn't possibly afford to hang curtains over all of the windows, I focused on the five small windows at the bottom. First stop was a fabric store, but I left empty-handed and discouraged that it would cost me my firstborn child a fortune to buy quality fabric to make curtains.

Next stop: the WMart. I looked at curtains and sheets. Nothing I liked. Ventured back to the fabric section to grab some Velcro (for an entirely different project) and as I rounded the corner, I came face-to-face with this:

YES! That's it! Cute, but not "girly." Polka dots. Whimsical. Gender-neutral. Very colorful. Sign me up. So I waited. (And waited, waited, waited) for someone to come cut 4 yards of this lovely fabric for me. And then I paid $28 for it (more than I wanted to spend, but a bargain for perfection!).

And then I brought it home and dragged the sewing machine out of the storage room and gathered my mother and my grandmother (I'm still a sewing novice, so I need them!) and we went to work. 3 hours later we piled in the car, our new creations in the trunk, and headed to my classroom to hang them up!

I LOVE them! There's still so much work to do in my room before school starts TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY (AHHHHHH!!!), but these curtains make my heart happy, and warm up the room so much already! Lucky for me, the teacher store has tons of stuff that matches my new curtains... it's all called Dots on Chocolate, and you'll be seeing much more of that in the coming days. Hooray!



  1. LOVE your curtains. Want to come to MD and make some for me? We had to take our curtains down last spring unless we could prove that they were flame retardant. So much for cozy. Love your finished project!


    Life, Laughs, Literacy

    1. Sad, Adelle! I hope you find some that you can prove flame retardant! I just HAVE to like what I'm looking at all day! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great job selecting the polka dots pattern! It’s very ideal for the kids’ classroom. I think it’s very playful. By the way, there are curtains that can be used for sound-proofing. But it is made out of Polyfiber batting, loaded vinyl core, and vinyl.

    Roxie Tenner

  3. A classroom that has a plain wall of windows indeed looks boring, so putting curtains with a vibrant design was really a wonderful idea. It makes the room bubbly and full of life! :’) Simple additions like this can turn a wishy-washy room into an exciting one!

  4. “Dots on Chocolate” is a nice description for your curtain design! What was the reaction of your students after they saw it? Did they love it or not? You know, others want the window to remain visible, so they can see the view outside. When they’re bored, they usually look out of the window and daydream. Hehehe! Nevertheless, I find the curtain adorable.