Monday, October 10, 2011

Spanish Meltdown and Great Bilingual Resources

I have GOT to be better about taking pictures while I teach. I just get so involved in the process of teaching and learning that I plain ol' forget! And then I feel like I can't post things well on this blog because, well... a picture is worth a thousand words. And who wants to read thousands of words? :) I know I'd always rather look at pictures!

I'm surviving. Last week I had a minor (well, somewhere between minor and major) meltdown as I looked at the coming weeks and the Spanish resources and melted into a puddle of inadequacy. I don't know if you've ever been in this position before, but it's such a new experience to have the teaching skills, but not the content skills! Ugh! I feel like such a failure because I KNOW what good teaching is, but I can't always do it because I don't know enough! Talk about incentive to brush up on my Spanish skills!

For example... the first couple of weeks we focused on Classroom Object Vocabulary. We sang some silly songs, but now I'm stuck. Do I just move on? I can plow through the vocabulary rather quickly, but.... but c'mon! We all know that's not GOOD TEACHING. I'm all about REALLY GOOD TEACHING. Really good teaching says that for vocabulary to stick or be meaningful, you have to teach it in a real context and allow the students to practice it in a real context. Great. I don't know enough Spanish to provide real context that comes from them!

Anyway... I've been gathering some amazing stuff from

For REAL. This gal is AWESOME. She's single-handedly saved my week. I've found some great games and printables on her site, and they're not just for Spanish! Good vocabulary techniques are good vocabulary techniques, no matter the language!

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